March 5, 2010

Let’s Review: My Real Name’s NOT Peter

Adhesive name tagsIt seems there’s been some confusion about my name.

My real first name is not Peter (which you’ll find on my F__book profile and emails I send).

After about 10 months on Twitter (more…)


January 31, 2010

Ok, I’ve stewed…

And now I’m perfectly tender.

Don’t really have much to say about this one — no deep thoughts or analysis.  First sent this around to an internal group around 10 days ago, and I’ll just quote what I wrote to them, which pretty much covers it.

I’ve apparently become too comfortable in NYC.  This happened all the time where I came from in one manner or another.

Spotted on the lawn in front of [A major building near the Fin. District] this morning on the way to kid’s school.  Thankfully he wasn’t paying attention and doesn’t read that quickly yet.

I’m actually even torn about posting the pic. But I’m a big believer in the whole "Words only gain power when you hide from them."

Another rant to a fellow twitter/blogger/parent (who may not want to be mentioned here so I’ll leave her name out) went more like this:

What the F___?  I spotted this on the lawn in front of [same major building] (0.08 miles from my apt’s front door) this morning while taking my 5yo [yo is net shorthand among parents for year old] to school.  Thankfully he wasn’t paying attention and doesn’t read that quickly yet.

It’s 2010 in downtown NYC and we still have this s___ to contend with.  I hate/dislike plenty of people, but not because of their gods, skin color, etc.  Mostly it’s stupid that bothers me and stupid is totally equal opportunity.  Ok.  Again, sorry to impose – I should know better, I’ve lived near the sticks.  End Rant.  Thanks.

Everyone’s responses were very helpful — thank you all 12 of you.

And it’s 10 days later and I’m still at a loss for what to say / think.

I’m not naive.  As mentioned I’ve lived near the sticks – I’ve been evacuated from synagogues because a bomb threat was called in, gone to buildings that because of who occupied the building had swat-esque armed security in place, lived in cities where defamation of synagogues was a monthly event.  Been there, done that, thanks.  It’s one of the reasons we moved to NYC – so that if you say you’re living in a certain part of town people don’t look at you and ask “Isn’t it kind of dark there?” And they don’t mean the amount of light. (No, I’m not kidding).

I know had this happened in another year the kid would’ve been able to read it  quickly enough and understand all the words that I’d have to start explaining hate for the sake of hate, racism, bigotry and all those fun states of mind that only exist because they’re taught.  I’m not looking forward to the day I have to explain these concepts to a 6 or 7 yo and that because of the religion he happens to have been born into one day he may encounter someone he’s never met who already hates him.

That day, now that day will be classic – you’ll see some high-level PR-Worthy spin.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

January 2, 2010

Some great quotes…

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I recently rediscovered from “Tunnel in the Sky” while doing some housekeeping.  My particular favorites are bolded.

“Man is the one animal that can’t be tamed. He goes along for years as peaceful as a cow, when it suits him. Then when it suits him not to be, he makes a leopard look like a tabby cat. Which goes double for the female of the species. ”

“Remember though, your best weapon is between your ears and under your scalp-provided it’s loaded.”

“Now keep your shirt on. I know you can make fire by rubbing a couple of dry words together.”

“And remember – when it gets down to fundamentals, do what you have to do and shed no tears.”

“…with weather, women, and wine there was nothing ‘just as good.'”

“Knew a man once who didn’t get shot at sunrise because he overslept the appointment.
Really? Who was he?
Young fellow I used to know. Myself.
Hunh? You really did, sir? You mean you were
Not a word of truth in it. Good stories are rarely true.”

“You used logic again … you use the stuff the way some people use dope. Why don’t you use your head instead?”

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